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PNG Ports in its endeavours to modernise its operations and to meet its stringent obligations under the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in particular the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, is required to provide security and safety at all its port network in PNG.

The co-operative efforts of the management, employees, clients, port users and contractors will help in maintaining a secure environment and in particular protecting our people, our operations and our assets against risk of injury, loss of life or damage from criminal, hostile or malicious acts.

PNG Ports will comply with all regulatory requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code that relates to security activities at each of the port facilities and assets.

Port Facility Security Officers must regularly consult their respective Port Facility Security Plans to review and assess security risks and exposures of the business to ensure that they are properly managed. Security measures are to reflect risks associated with each individual Port Facility or Asset and be in compliance with the ISPS Code.

All staff, clients, port users and contractors have an obligation to report any Maritime Security incidents, breaches and threats that have the likelihood to threaten the safety of people, port facilities and assets.

PNG Ports will continually monitor and improve its security standards and performance so that its business activities may continue unhindered.

Security Forms

Application for PNG Ports personal photo identity card
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Application for PNG Ports vehicle pass Download PDF File
Declaration of Security Download PDF File