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Safety Driver: Work Safe, Home Safe

The OHSE Team headed by the Chief Operations Officer is vital to the organization and it is responsible for providing support, mentorship and advice that are critical to safe &efficient operations of every facets of its business. The department’s main roles and functions are to ensure that OHSE Management Standards, Policies, Rules, Procedures and relevant legislations are followed and in place for the Safety and Health of its people, property and its surrounding environment. Therefore, it requires continuous improvements and ongoing management through the development of the PNG Ports OHSE Management System. It involves programs and activities, which caters for the health, safety, and well-being of PNGPCL employees, stakeholders and the general environment. The OHSE Team endeavors to be the leader in innovative OHSE solutions within the industry and the region.

The OHSE Team, in its efforts to achieve internationally recognized standards, including Port Operations, throughout the organization, has developed and implemented OHSE programs and activities that align with international accreditations, including but not limited to: OHSE training, inductions and awareness initiatives. Currently PNG Ports boasts accreditation of its Head Office and POM Port to International Standards and is vigorously working towards extending these accreditations to its other ports.

OHSE Slogan

Striving for excellence, through innovation OHSE initiatives.

OHSE Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in best practices for Occupational Health, Safety & Environment, Offering vital resources and fotering an attitude of awareness and application for Health, Safety & Environment across the entire organization.

OHSE Vision

To be the leader in innovation OHSE practices.

  • Maintain the good image of the organization
  • Protection of employees through: - Safe working conditions - Advocacy programs including training, awareness and inductions - Reduction of occupational risks associated with the performance of their duties
  • Loss prevention and proactive policy assessment in high risk areas
  • Reduce the number and impact of injuries, illnesses and adverse environmental impacts
  • Improve the capacity and development of the OHSE Team Lead the organization and the industry through innovative OHSE solutions