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The regulatory function relates to the role of the Port Manager under the Harbours Act Chapter 240 (the Act) and the Ports (Management & Safety) Regulation 2010 (the Regulation). These are the delegated functions delegated to PNGPCL via an Instrument of Delegation by the Secretary for the Department of Transport.

To demarcate these regulatory functions from the commercial functions, PNGPCL further created a business entity called PNG Harbours Management Services (PNGHMS) to manage all the declared ports in the counted headed by the Chief Maritime Compliance Officer who is the Port Manager to oversee and roll out its functions as per the Act and the Regulation.

The core concern in the functions of the Port Manager is the safety of shipping and the environment within all the declared ports- its waters and the vicinity being up to ten (10) meters beyond the high water mark.

Pursuant to the instrument of delegation, PNG Ports Corporation have been delegated the responsibilities and powers under Section 15H, 15I, 15K, 24 and 36 of the Harbours act and the Port Manager performs them.

The Port Manager has also appointed suitable officers under Section 79 of the Regulations to perform any functions deemed necessary to the Port Manager and has the powers specified in Section 80 of the Regulations.



P O Box 671


National Capital District

Papua New Guinea

Phone: +675 3084294/+675 3084200

Fax: +675 3211546

Email: PNGHMSGroup@pnghms.com.pg

Licensing: licences@pnghms.com.pg


For emergencies or any incidents within the declared port limits, please contact the Port Manager or any of the Authorized officers below;

  1. Port Manager- Ben Tomba

         Phone: 75498736

         Email: Ben.Tomba@pnghms.com.pg


  1. Authorized Officer- Danny Wame

         Phone: 75671738

         Email: Danny.Wame@pnghms.com.pg


  1. Authorized officer- Rebecca Ninkama

          Mobile: 75701428

         Email: Rebecca.Nimkama@pnghms.com.pg


  1. Authorized officer- Tobias Goimba

         Phone: 3084200

         Email: Tobias.Goimba@pnghms.com.pg


  1. Authorized officer- Lucas Kupal

         Phone: 3084200

         Email: Lucas.Kupal@pnghms.com.pg