Monitoring vessel traffic at PNG Ports

At PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports), there is a team that monitors ships travelling in and out of the declared ports and harbor precincts.

This team also provides assistance during emergency situations such as ship distress calls, often guiding them to safety.

The team is also in charge of monitoring other port precincts within PNG Ports’ jurisdiction, exercising PNG Ports’ responsibility as the country’s designated port authority.

Known as the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) team, they provide information and traffic organization services with navigational assistance as inherent.

VTS Supervisor, Samuel Lomon, said his team utilizes the Automatic Information System (AIS) combined with the Global Positioning System (GPS), Avigilon, and Marine Transceivers to operate.

This equipment will aid the VTS team to communicate with Ship Masters and participants within PNG Ports’ port precincts.

Part of VTS function is to monitor and regulate vessels moving in and out of the port limits. Additionally, data collected from this is beneficial to the company in terms of billing vessels for anchorage and berthage.

Mr. Lomon said maintaining clear communication was important, and has time and again proven vigorous in driving his team.

With traffic organization, Mr. Lomon said the VTS team ensures appropriate procedures are applied to avoid the likelihood of maritime accidents within and around the port limits.< br/>
“We are a small team of four, working 24 hours a day, to provide a crucial service essential to the operations of PNG Ports,” Mr. Lomon said.