Port Moresby

The Port Moresby Port (above) lies on the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea and overlooks the Fairfax Harbour. Port Moresby is the capital city, the centre of Commerce and houses the Parliament House.
General Port Information
Wharf Facilities

There are no wharf mounted, however, mobile are available capable of lifting up to twenty (20) tonne containers. Shippers are advised though to check this before shipping heavier loads. Prior advice and approval must be sought from the relevant Port Authority.

Bulk Handling
The Port has a Vigan Machine and handles Bulk wheat and grain at the Container Terminal (Berth 4).

Storage Area
Old Main Wharf under cover storage 5,300sq.m.
Open storage 3,100sq.m.
Container Terminal under cover storage 5110 sq.m.
Open storage 28,400sq.m.

Ro-Ro Facility
Both berths 1 or 4 can accommodate for Ro-Ro vessels.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)
A set of mooring bouys are located at the North end of the harbour, max 12metre draft, submerged pipeline.

Tanker Facility
Two sets of mooring bouys North West of the wharf area, max 12metre draft, submerged pipeline.

Passenger Handling
Both berths 1 & 4 can accommodate Passenger vessels.

Heavy Lift
None available, however berth 4 can handle heavy cargoes.

Bunker Provider
Diesel available by road tanker at berths 1–3 and by pipe line at Berth 4 by Mobil. Suppliers: Mobil. Water is supplied on request by the Port Authority.

Port Moresby Port Layout

Contact Information
PNG Ports Corporation Limited
P.O BOX 384
Port Moresby
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

Telephone:+675 321 1367
Facsimile:+675 321 3606
Email: enquiries@pngports.com.pg
Business Manager+675 321 2442/720 60574
Pilot (Marine)+675 321 1358
Customs (Collector)+675 322 6600
Health Officer+675 301 3716
Quarantine Officer+675 329 0000
Fire+675 321 2332
Police+675 325 8122
Ambulance+675 325 6822
Technical Information - Wharves
BerthLengthWidthWater Depth
(below LAT)
Deck Height
(Above LAT)
4A: Container125m25.3m10m3.6m
Motukea Port
Berth 1

Berth 2

206m 12.5m4.5m
Berth 3

80m 12.5m4.5m
Permissible Loadings
Tons per sqm
Road Vehicle
Berth 4A4.09T17ST28F30
Berth 4B0.97T1  
Motukea Port
Berth 1-3 T20ST28F30
Pilotage Authority
PNG Ports Corporation Limited. Pilotage is compulsory. Pilots are available and based in Port Moresby.

Boarding Station
Outer: Lat: 09°32.7 S Long: 147° 07.28E, Basilik Beacon Bearing 064° (T) x 0.82M.
Inner: Lat: 09°31.94 S, Long: 147° 08.38E, Basilik Beacon Bearing 220° (T) x 0.52M.

Or Bad Weather
Outer: Lat: 09°32.7 S, Long: 147° 07.28E, Basilik Beacon Bearing 064° (T) x 0.82M.
Inner: Lat: 09°31.94 S, Long: 147° 08.38E, Basilik Beacon Bearing 220° (T) x 0.52M.

Communication Arrangements
Call "Port Moresby Port Control" on V.H.F 16/12.

Tug, Towage, Barges and Mooring Gangs
Privately owned and operated under license issued by the PNG Ports Corporation Limited. Arrangements can be made with Private Operators through the respective Shipping Agents.

09° 28.7'S
147° 08.35'E
Chart No.
AUS 621
Radio Communication"Call "Port Moresby Control" on VHF16/12.
Customs:Port of entry
Pilotage:Pilotage is not compulsory. Pilot is available at 48 hours notice from Port Moresby or Lae
Tugs:Available 24 hours
Bunkers:Fuel: Available by fuel line Supplier: InterOil. Water available on request by the Port Authority at berth.