PNG Ports invited to share ‘goodness’ at Human Resource conference

This is according to PNGHRI president, Jerry Wemin, who described PNG Ports as “one of the most successful and best performing State Owned Enterprises (SOE)”.

Mr Wemin said the SOE had “some good success traits” to learn from and invited PNG Ports to share its ‘goodness’ at the conference.

 “The conference is all about Human Resource professionals coming together to talk about the good things they do in their respective organisations so that we can learn from one another,” Mr Wemin said.

“The conference also focuses on people, good governance, and recognises the efforts of Human Resource professionals in contributing to the success, growth and development of their organisations,” he said.

“With the success stories of things happening at PNG Ports, there are many companies out there who can learn from those experiences,” he said.

PNG Ports’ Human Capital Manager, Mr Rex Kini, said PNG Ports was pleased to be a part of the conference where a wealth of information between different organisations would be shared.

“The Conference is really a place where we can learn from each other, develop networks and work together,” Mr Kini said.

“As HR professionals, we are a vital component in the success of our respective organisations.”

“By enhancing our knowledge through such Conferences, we are able to make more sound decisions and be aware of changing global practices so that in the end, we can make informed decisions that will maximise productivity at our workplaces.”

He thanked PNGHRI for providing a learning avenue through the Conference in which PNG Ports has always been supportive of.

PNG Ports is now a Silver Sponsor of the conference after presenting a total of K14, 000 to PNGHRI.