PNG Ports celebrates 600th LNG shipment

As the 600th shipment of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) left PNG shores, PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) had a much greater reason to smile.

Managing Director of PNG Ports, Mr. Fego Kiniafa said this shipment, which left last week, marked PNG Ports’ successful berthing and piloting of 600 LNG tankers so far.

“We are pleased to announce that since the first LNG shipment bound for Japan in May 2014, PNG Ports has safely, competently and efficiently provided pilotage services for all 600 shipments.”

“There had been nil accidents, spillages, delays and no breaches of agreement. We delivered and are looking forward to many more shipments,” said Mr. Kiniafa.

Mr. Kiniafa praised the PNG Ports Pilotage team and especially the highly trained and skilled marine pilots who ‘tirelessly and effectively’ delivered, to ensure the ships were berthed alongside the LNG jetty at Caution Bay, and left, bound for the international market, on time and schedule.

The US$19 billion PNGLNG project contracted PNG Ports to provide pilotage services.  The project started production in April 2014 and its first shipment left the country on May 25 and completed discharging in Japan on June 4, 2014.

Piloting the first shipment, on board the ‘Spirit of Hela, was PNG Ports’ Senior Marine Pilot, Captain Morea Vavine.

The ‘Spirit of Hela’ is almost 300 meters long, the equivalent of three rugby league fields and stands12 stories high.

The PNG Ports Pilotage Services Team, is responsible for providing Marine Piloting services for the declared pilotage areas in the country, and has been providing this service safely and efficiently for over 50-years.

Marine Piloting is mandatory and promotes maritime safety and avoidance of the loss of life and damage to ships, port infrastructure, the marine environment and local community property.

Piloting Service is provided by PNG Ports in all 15 operational ports. The 6 major ports of Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Alotau, Rabaul and Kimbe are mandated as Compulsory Pilotage Ports.