Maritime compliance awareness conducted

The awareness, carried out at all declared ports, was basically to inform stakeholders of the regulated activities within declared ports and to encourage compliance with regulatory rules concerning these activities.

PNGPCL performs two core roles:

  1. Business
  • Provides Port related services for reward such as:
  1. Wharfage – charge for tonnage that passes through the wharf at rates that are approved by ICCC under Regulatory Contract
  2. Berthage – charge for vessels berthing at our wharf facilities. Rates are based on the length overall of the vessel.  This also involves berth reservation services, storage, utilities and other services.
  • Pilotage
  1. Regulator
  • Responsible for delegated regulatory authority.
  • Performs Department of Transport Secretary’s powers and functions under the Harbours Act and administers the Ports (Management and Safety) Regulations 2010.
  • PNGHMS regulates the 15 declared ports as well as some aspects of non-declared ports.

The regulated activities in declared ports are:

  1. Control of Port Development
  • Approval process for any proposed port developments (Construction of ports, port facilities, wharves, jetties and marine infrastructures);
  1. Management and Operation of Ports
  • This a licensing and permit regime for all port activities. Licenses and permits are to be obtained for:
  • Ship to ship transfer operations
  • Port helicopter ship operations
  • Stevedoring Operations
  • Port Facility Operations
  • Vessel Movement into, within and out of declared ports
  • Life boat Launching;
  • Ferry Services;
  • Aquatic sports
  • In-water vessel hull & propeller cleaning, polishing and inspections
  • Port sea trial movements
  • Port dead ship movement
  • Underwater leases
  • Anchoring, Mooring and Line Boat Services
  • Tug, Towage and Mooring Services
  • Engine Immobilization
  • Dredging
  • Excavations and reclamations
  • Conveying or handling of dangerous goods
  • Hot works; and
  • Engine Immobilization

Regulatory fees, levies and charges for these activities are contained in the national Gazette notices G427 dated 3rd October 2013 and G543 dated 4th August 2016.

It is advisable to check PNGHMS first before undertaking any activity within the declared ports to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

PNGHMS or the PNGPCL Maritime Compliance Division can be contacted on Ph: 308 4200 or via email: