The Port of Madang (above) is located on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea and is sometimes included as a port of call on cruises between Australia and Asia.
General Port Information
Latitude:05° 12.50'S
Longitude:145° 48.05'E
Chart No.AUS 646
Time Zone:Local time is 10 hours ahead of GMT.
Radio CommunicationCall "Madang Port Control" on VHF 16;
In port: Channel 12
Customs:Port of entry
Pilotage:Pilotage is compulsory.
Pilots are available and based in Madang
Tugs:1 x tugs available, agents to arrange additional tugs upon request by pilots.
Bunkers:Available by pipeline and road tankers. Suppliers: Mobil, Islands Petroleum and Inter Oil
Wharf Facilities

Week Days: 0800-2200 hours; Saturdays: 0800-1200 hours. Port operations permitted subject to shipping & cargo activities upon agents’ requests outside of these hours. However, port is closed for business on: Good Friday and 25th December (Christmas Day) only. 

Also note that permitted cargo ships including tankers requiring berth 1 should be 190m LOA or below for safety othese hours. However, port is closed for business on: Good Friday and 25th December f other vessels plying in the harbour. However cruise ships of more than 190 m LOA are allowed to berth as they stay alongside lesser hours.

Madang port is an ISPS compliant port and properties within the fenced port area are guarded by a private security company under supervision of the port's own security personnel.
Waste Disposal

No waste disposal facility (incinerator) is available. Any disposal of ships’ garbage should be done through in-port agents and National Agriculture Quarantine & Inspection Authority (NAQIA) for direct disposal at Madang urban council’s authorized dump site.

Stevedore provider
Bismark Maritime Shipping Stevedores
P.O Box 255 Madang
Telephone: 422 0636
Mooring Provider
S.F. Mooring
P.O Box 606 Madang
Telephone: 422 2446
Facsimile: 422 2382

Mooring Provider

Nuxy Mooring
P.O Box 601 Madang
Telephone: 422 1070; Mobile: (675) 71866623
Facsimile: 422 1050
Storage Area

Under cover storage:
Transit Shed # 1: 2,200 m2; T/Sheds #’ 2 & 3 are currently on lease; Open storage areas:
Eastern yard (at old wharf) = 3, 528 m2 non hardstand and 1, 625 m2 hardstand which is on an old building foundation; Western yard (current operational area) is about 3,250sq.m which is 50 percent non hardstand.

Bunker provider
Diesel available by road tanker at Berth 1. Suppliers: Shell,
Mobil and British Petroleum (BP).

Water Provider
Madang Port supplies clean treated water via metered pipes & hoses. Requests for water should be made through agents in advance to notify Water PNG. Accessible via pipeline and connected hoses at berths 1 & 2 only.


Contact Information
PNG PORTS Corporation Limited
P.O BOX 511 
Madang Province
Papua New Guinea

Telephone:+675 422 2351
Facsimile:+675 422 3097
Telegram: Port Manager - Madang

Business Manager+675 422 3381 Mobile #'s: 76814323 / 71899886 or 71151666
Port Facility Security Officer+675 422 2351/422 2352(Extn 20) Email:
Marine Pilot+675 422 2352 Extn 12; Direct line: 675 422 0167
PNG Custom Service

+675 422 1559/422-2519;
Port Manager: Mrs. Vina Kakai

Port Health+675 422-0000
Port Quarantine (Plant & Animal)Port Manager: Mrs Monica Kapram; Telephone: +675 4222963 or +675 422 2193; Fax: +675 422 3959
National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA)Port Manager: Mr. Carl Kamang; Telephone: +675 422 2242
Fire+675 422 2777 +675 422 2245
PoliceTelephone: +675 422 3233 or 422 3243
AmbulanceTelephone: +675 422 2022

Berth Length Width Water Depth (Below LAT) Deck Height 
Overseas 137m 12.8m 10.1m 3.1m
Small Ships 30m 4.5m 1.6m 1.8m
Barge Ramp  2.0m 

Permissible Loadings

Tons per sqm
Road Vehicle
Berth 12.44T17ST28F10
Berth 30.97T6- 
Barge Ramp    


Pilotage is compulsory. Marine Pilots are available and based in Madang.

Boarding Station
Lat: 05°13.27’ S, Long: 145° 50.22' E, Kalibobo Light House Bearing 292° (T) x 1.43 Naut.Miles

Communication Arrangements
Call "Madang Port Control" on VHF 16;

In port working channel: Channel 12.
Tug, Towage, Barges and Mooring Gangs
 Privately owned and operated under license issued by PNG Harbours Management Services a division of PNG PORTS Corporation Limited. Arrangements can be made with private operators through shipping agents.
Wharf Cranes
 There are no wharf mounted container handling cranes therefore ships’ cranes are utilized; shore forklifts and trucks for handling 40 & 20 containers available.

Slipway, Ship Repairs & Maintenance
 A new dry dock facility operated by Curtain Brothers is located at Motukea near Port Moresby. Currently it can handle ships of 120m LOA and 4,500 DWT. And by 2014 this dry dock should cater for panamax size ships of 230m LOA and 60, 000 DWT. However smaller vessels of maximum 40m LOA and 3,000 DWT can be slipped at Lutheran Shipping Slipway inside Madang Harbour.


Anchor Position within harbour (Kranget Island anchorage):
Latitude: 05°12.18'S; Longitude: 145°48.58'E.
Pilotage Movement Times (restricted to daylight hours only)
Incoming ships: Between 0600 -1800 hrs
Outgoing ships other than tankers: 0600 – 2200 hours.
Tankers: 0600 -1800 hrs only (in & out)

Other Information:

Madang Port handles both 40 and 20 footer containers (dry & reefer) through licensed stevedores. Currently there are 27 x reefer power points available.

No high sea swells inside the harbour all year around. Madang Port has a 300 KVA standby generator for emergency use. Vessels with their bridge or gear height of 24 m or more parallel with airport runway located further west should not anchor at Kranget Island anchorage because this anchorage site is in the ‘roadway’ of aircrafts landing and taking off therefore should prepare to stay adrift outside harbour until further advice by Madang Port Control or Madang Pilot.

Chart No.AUS 646
Regional Port:Madang
Radio CommunicationCall "Madang Port Control" on VHF12/16. Listening watch maintained on normal working hours and when ships are expected during non-working hours.
Customs & NAQIAPort of entry
Tugs:Tugs are complusory for Madang Port. Current tug & towing service is provided by Pacific Towing PNG Limited with one tug based in Madang.
Pilotage:Pilotage is compulsory. 2 x pilots are based in Madang.
Pilotage Boarding Position:
Latitude: 05°13.28'S
Longitude: 145°50.20'E.
This station is withing the 500 radius /1.5 nautical miles of the position from (Kalibobo point) Coast Watches Lighthouse - 260° x
500m (1.5 NMs)

Anchor Position:
Latitude: 05°12.15'S
Longitude: 145°48.59'E.
Pilotage Time
Incoming ships: 0600 -1800 hrs
Outgoing ships: 0600 -2400 hrs
Tankers: 0600 -1800 hrs only (in & out)
Bunkers:Fuel: Diesel and fuel oil available from direct filling pipelines on overseas berth 1 from Mobil and InterOil and on road tankers for ships at at coastal berth (Berth 1& 2). Suppliers: Mobil and InterOil. Water is supplied on request by the Port Authority at Berth 1, 2 and at berth #3 (Stone Quay Wharf). DG application forms must be received prior to handling any DG cargo in port; all operations here are monitored and controlled by PNG ports.
09° 28.7'S
147° 08.35'E
Chart No.
AUS 621
Radio Communication"Call "Port Moresby Control" on VHF16/12.
Customs:Port of entry
Pilotage:Pilotage is not compulsory. Pilot is available at 48 hours notice from Port Moresby or Lae
Tugs:Available 24 hours; Pilots request for an additional tug through agents subject to size of ships.
Bunkers:Fuel: Available by fuel line Supplier: InterOil. Water available on request by the Port Authority at berth.