Kimbe Port

Kimbe Port (above) is part of the West New Britain's port town on the great Kimbe Bay which boasts more than 60 percent of the coral species of the entire Indo-Pacific.

The bustling town of Kimbe is the third largest port in
Papua New Guinea and is the fastest growing city in South Pacific.
General Port Information
Latitude: 09° 28.7'S
Longitude: 147° 08.35'E
Chart No. AUS 840/674 Port Limit
Regional Port: Port Moresby
Time Zone: Local time is 10 hours ahead of GMT.
Radio Communication Call "Kimbe Port Control" on V.H.F 16/12.
Customs: Port of entry
Pilotage: Pilotage is 24 hours (1 resident pilots) Pilot available on request from Port Moresby.
Tugs: Available 24 hours
Bunkers: Fuel: Available by road tanks. Supplier: InterOil and Islands Petroleum Water: Available on site (town supply)
Wharf Facilities

There are no wharf mounted, however,cranes are available capable of lifting up to fourteen (14) tonne containers and ARBT-Lifts/40' Spreader capable of lifting up to forty (40) tonne containers. Shippers are advised though to check this before shipping heavier loads. Prior advice and approval must be sought from the relevant Port Authority.

Storage Area
Under cover storage 740sq.m. Open storage 6,000sq.m.

Bunker Provider
Diesel available by road tanker. Suppliers: Interoil and Islands Petroleum.

Water Provider
Water is supplied on request by the Port Authority.

Slipways, Ship Repairs & Maintenance
A new dry dock facility is in operation at Motukea (Port Moresby) by Curtain Brother (PNG) Ltd.

Waste Disposal
No waste disposal facility is available. Arrangement for disposal can also be done with the Shipping Agents and National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA).

Stevedore provider
New Britain Shipping Ltd
P.O Box 753, Kimbe, West New Britain
Telephone: (675) 983 5925

The above-mentioned facilities are not available. For further clarification, advice on the mentioned facilities must be obtained from the Executive Manager (Operations) or the respective Port Manager prior to any shipment.

Contact Information
PNG Ports Corporation Limited
P.O BOX 65
West New Britain Province
Papua New Guinea

Telephone:+675 983 5355
Facsimile:+675 983 5609
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Official Office
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +675 983 552 / 76814361 / 71910347
Pilot (Marine) +675 983 5626
Customs (Collector) +675 983 5503
Health Officer +675 983 0000
Quarantine Officer +675 983 5172
Fire +675 983 5411/983 5412
Police +675 983 5422
Ambulance +675 983 5129
Emergency 000
Technical Information - Wharves
Berth Length Width Water Depth
(below LAT)
Deck Height
(Above LAT)
Berth 1
(Main Wharf)
117m 14.7m 10.7m 3.1m
Berth 2
(Small ships)
52.5m 9.0m 5.5m 3.1m
Berth 3
(Small ships)
27m 5.1 5.9m 3.1
Barge Ramp Width 12m Grade 1 in 8
Coastal Wharf (New) 106m  20m  6.1m  2.7m
Permissible Loadings
Berth Distributed
Tons per sqm
Road Vehicle
Truck Semi-trailer Forklift
Berth 1,2&3 2.44 T17
Berth 2   T17
Coastal Wharf (New)   T20
Pilotage Authority
PNG Ports Corporation Limited. Pilotage is compulsory for Kimbe port. Pilot is available and based in Kimbe.

Boarding Station
Lat: 09° 06'.8S. Long: 143° 19'.4E, Bristow Island Light Bearing 290° Tx 2.70 M, AUS Chart: 840

Or Bad Weather
Lat: 05°30.5 S, Long: : 150°13.5 E, Grabo Reef Light Bearing 342° (T) x 1.90M

Communication Arrangements
Call "Kimbe Port Control" on VHF 16/12.

Tug, Towage, Barges and Mooring Gangs
Privately owned and operated under license issued by the PNG Ports Corporation Limited. Arrangements can be made with Private Operators through the respective Shipping Agents.

Kimbe Port Layout