Graduates pledge to give best to PNG Ports

Last year, six fresh University graduates walked through the corridors of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) with a mixture of feelings; nervousness, excitement and joy.

Eighteen months on, they looked bolder, having a different version of feelings, equipped with job skills and training, it was a feeling of satisfaction and completeness.

The six graduated recently from the PNG Ports Graduate Development Program (GDP) after undergoing 18 months of vigorous hands-on work experience.

Adding on to their excitement, they were also confirmed to take up permanent employment with PNG Ports.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, Leon Soka, thanked the PNG Ports management for having confidence in them to take part in the highly competitive program.

“We (graduates) came in with nothing, no job experiences, we were novices except our theoretical knowledge and concepts that we gained from university studies,” Mr Soka said.

“Despite that, you had confidence and trust in us and showed us the path to professional career development.  PNG ports not only taught us the know-hows of our career pathways but further helped us to know what’s within us, our potentials.”

“From this experience, we are proud to be part of the GDP that will serve as an important succession planning tool for PNG Ports going forward and will always give our best,” he said.

Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse, congratulated the graduates on their appointments and urged them to work together to contribute to the growth and development of PNG Ports.

The GDP was established to assist graduates to be developed as future managers and professional career employees with PNG Ports.

For more information on our GDP, visit our website