PNG Ports praised by company heads

Two heads of large organisations have praised PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) for keeping up with the world’s best practices and its stability in management.

Chief Executive Officer of the Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council, Materua Tamarua, and PNG Human Resources Institute, Jerry Wemin, said PNG Ports, a State Owned Enterprise (SOE), was setting an example other SOE’s should follow.

Mr Tamarua said the good management of PNG Ports reflected the execution of its role in facilitating trade between PNG, Australia and the rest of the world.

“PNG Ports is an SOE led by all young Papua New Guineans.  I, as a young Papua New Guinean myself, admire the stamina and courage taken to manage PNG Ports efficiently and to be on par with world standards,” Mr Tamarua said.

“I also admire the stability in management of the company which has seen PNG Ports achieve so much in recent years.”

“PNG has more trade and ties with Australia than any other country so with the kind of management in place at PNG Ports, our relationship (between PNG and Australia) is sure to continue,” he said.

Mr Wemin, during a separate occasion, said PNG Ports was undoubtedly the most successful SOE in the country.

“PNG Ports is no doubt the best performing SOE, is also successful and I admire the consistency of the company’s achievements,” Mr Wemin said.

He urged PNG Ports to maintain its success rate and continue with carrying out its major developments at the 15 ports it owns and operates in the country.

PNG Ports invited to share ‘goodness’ at Human Resource conference

The upcoming PNG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI) annual conference is a good platform where companies like PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) could share their success stories to motivate other companies.

This is according to PNGHRI president, Jerry Wemin, who described PNG Ports as “one of the most successful and best performing State Owned Enterprises (SOE)”.

Mr Wemin said the SOE had “some good success traits” to learn from and invited PNG Ports to share its ‘goodness’ at the conference.

 “The conference is all about Human Resource professionals coming together to talk about the good things they do in their respective organisations so that we can learn from one another,” Mr Wemin said.

“The conference also focuses on people, good governance, and recognises the efforts of Human Resource professionals in contributing to the success, growth and development of their organisations,” he said.

“With the success stories of things happening at PNG Ports, there are many companies out there who can learn from those experiences,” he said.

PNG Ports’ Human Capital Manager, Mr Rex Kini, said PNG Ports was pleased to be a part of the conference where a wealth of information between different organisations would be shared.

“The Conference is really a place where we can learn from each other, develop networks and work together,” Mr Kini said.

“As HR professionals, we are a vital component in the success of our respective organisations.”

“By enhancing our knowledge through such Conferences, we are able to make more sound decisions and be aware of changing global practices so that in the end, we can make informed decisions that will maximise productivity at our workplaces.”

He thanked PNGHRI for providing a learning avenue through the Conference in which PNG Ports has always been supportive of.

PNG Ports is now a Silver Sponsor of the conference after presenting a total of K14, 000 to PNGHRI.

PNG Ports sponsors Australia PNG Business Council forum

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has been named a Diamond Sponsor of the 33rd Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council (APNGBC) forum to be held in Port Moresby from May 14-16.

PNG Ports, while presenting the APNGBC with K14, 500, said it was proud to sponsor a significant event that featured PNG and its closest neighbour, Australia.

“We are pleased to be associated with such a significant event that brings together the business community in both Australia and PNG to engage and discuss issues which affect business and investment in both our countries,” said Acting Managing Director, Mr Stanley Alphonse.

“In its 33rd forum now, I’m sure the last 3 decades of hosting this event has brought much insight and opportunity to delegates,” Mr Alphonse said.

“The high level speakers and presenters involved previously and for this occasion has and will bring about unparalleled opportunity to learn about business opportunities in PNG, and to network with senior policy makers in both countries.”

“PNG Ports has always been an active member and participant of the forum and we hope that our support through this sponsorship will enable this forum to be successfully hosted here in Port Moresby.”

“We look forward to being part of this year’s forum and wish APNGBC and its partners all the best in running this event,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of APNGBC, Materua Tamarua, who was on hand to receive the sponsorship, thanked PNG Ports for supporting the forum.

“Australia is PNG’s closest neighbour and PNG Ports, as a trade facilitator, plays a significant role in the ongoing trade between the two countries by always upholding the importance of maintaining partnership and allowing efficient trade between the two countries through its network of ports,” he said.

“The forum, a bilateral event, is all about trade and strengthening ties between the two countries, and with the stability in management at PNG Ports, and its efficiency in services, trading is sure to continue,” he said.

PNG Ports is the leading maritime services provider in the region and owns and operates 15 ports.

Free health care for PNG Ports staff and dependents

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) has scored a first in health care for workers in Papua New Guinea when it announced that all its employees and their dependents will receive free and quality health care from the country’s premier health care provider, Pacific International Hospital (PIH).

“I am pleased to advice that PNG Ports Corporation Limited has entered into an agreement with Pacific International Hospital (PIH) whereby PIH will provide healthcare services to PNGPCL employees and their declared dependents,” Acting Managing Director, Mr Stanley Alphonse said.

“The facility is now available to Port Moresby and Lae based employees (via the Lae International Hospital). PIH is currently negotiating with medical services providers around the country to extend its health care facility to PNG Ports’ staff in other provinces,” Mr Alphonse said.

The services covered are extensive and include: Accidents and Emergency services, Anaesthesia and Critical care, Cardiology/Cardiac surgery, Critical Care, Dentistry, Dermatology, Dialysis, EYE and ENT, family medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, laboratory, neurology/neuro surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Optometry and Optical Services (Eye Care), Paediatrics Pathology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Plastic surgery, Radiology, Trauma care and Urology.

Mr Alphonse made the announcement to jubilant staff who will access free and specialist quality health care, and will not have to wait in long queues at the public hospitals anymore.

“Costs are fully covered which means no employee will be required to pay any additional amount,” Mr Alphonse said.

“The health care facility enables the employees of PNG Ports and their declared dependents to access general health care services,” he said.

This company benefit comes back to back with an ambitious Home Ownership Scheme announced in January as an initiative to attract, retain and motivate staff in its endeavors to improve and maintain staff performance levels.

“While PNG Ports is a company seeing immense developments at its ports to meet global demands, it understands that the well-being of its staff will result in enhanced productivity at work and ultimately, the achievement of company milestones,” Mr Alphonse said.

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