PNG Ports welcomes Maersk shipping to Wewak & Madang ports

The announcement by Maersk Lines, the world’s leading container shipping company to add Wewak and Madang as the latest ports of call in Papua New Guinea is welcomed by PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports).

“The decision by Maersk Lines is a show of confidence in PNG Ports and we will work with the shipping company to ensure that it delivers cargo to its clients in that part of the country safely and on schedule,” PNG Ports Acting Managing Director Stanley Alphonse said.

Mr Alphonse said this expansion was welcome news for 2017 because Maersk Lines is already sending its vessels into Lae and Port Moresby ports.

“Our operations team including staff at the ports of Madang and Wewak will ensure that relevant port services are provided efficiently as usual.”

“We will work with Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) and other key stakeholders to ensure that all our services are provided on time as we aim for faster turnaround times,” Mr. Alphonse said.

Maersk Lines latest announcement titled ‘Maersk Line to add direct port calls in Madang and Wewak’ was posted on their website on Monday, January 16, 2017. The shipping company stated that “Maersk Line and Inchcape Shipping Services are pleased to share our upgraded service offering for 2017.”

“In addition to the existing ports calls of Port Moresby and Lae we will add direct calls to the ports of Madang and Wewak.”

“This service expansion is part of our long term commitment to provide customers in PNG with competitive and reliable transport solutions,” Maersk Lines announced.

Details of the service upgrade are as follows:

  • Effective March 2017.
  • Vessels will call Port Moresby-Lae-Madang-Wewak on each voyage through Papua New Guinea.
  • Rabaul and Kimbe will continue to be serviced with domestic coastal relay from Lae.
  • Contact details will remain unchanged and the usual team will be on hand to answer any questions one may have.

Maersk Lines and ISS are introducing this change in order to expand their PNG coverage and enable faster transit times from these key ports into the rest of the world with their comprehensive global coverage.  
Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company, known for reliable, flexible and eco-efficient services.

They provide ocean transportation in all parts of the world and serve customers through 306 offices in 114 countries.

Piles lay foundation for new Motukea wharf

Nearly 36 per cent of work on driving the piles into the ground (pictured above) for the new international wharf at Motukea port is completed as at end of January this year.

This work commenced in September last year and is progressing on schedule.

Out of the 5 (A-E) rows of 34 piles, rows A & B have been completed and waiting to be cut off.

Piling at rows C, D and E commenced in January this year with 147 (out of 170) pile caps cast. Casting of deck units commenced in December 2016 and is currently ongoing and casting of beams also commenced in December 2016 and is in progress also.

Other works for the new wharf which commenced in December 2016 and currently in progress is the casting of concrete mattress.

Chief Infrastructure Officer, Mr. Waqa Bauleka said October 2017 is the anticipated completion date, without any extension of time being claimed yet.

The new international wharf or quay face will be 250 metres in length with gantry crane tracks while RTG tracks at the storage facilities for the international port and shipping operations at Motukea.

Meanwhile, the current international wharf (berth 4A) in downtown Port Moresby will continue to serve PNG Ports’ international cargo customers until the commissioning of the new international wharf and terminal at the Motukea port.

The intension for the relocation and construction of the new berth and associated facilities follows an extensive asset condition audit by PNG Ports of its Port Moresby Wharf and Container Terminal.

This is also part of the Government’s decision which is in line with its medium term and long term development strategies. PNG Ports after a lengthy deliberation process have opted for Motukea as the preferred site for the new Port Moresby (POM) Port area.

PNG Ports introduces Home Ownership Scheme for staff

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has embarked on an ambitious home ownership scheme to provide housing for all its employees across its network of ports in Papua New Guinea.

The Board and Management of PNG Ports approved the Home Ownership Scheme Policy to be implemented this year (2017).

While announcing the Home Ownership Scheme, PNG Ports’ Acting Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse, said: “PNG Ports is aware of the challenges of high rental accommodation as well as shortages of quality and affordable residential housing for employees.”

“The company also considers that these challenges do have an unfavorable impact on its employees in terms of work performance and life in general.  As a result, PNG Ports is giving its employees the opportunity to own their own homes,” Mr Alphonse said.

Under the  Home Ownership Scheme Policy, PNG Ports  will provide  the equity (as company assistance) required by the commercial banks or financial institutions, in order to enable its employees to secure a home loan to either purchase an existing residential property or to construct a new residential building (inclusive of the vacant land).

The participating employees, through this scheme, are required to repay the company assistance through their service to the company.

The Home Ownership Scheme is seen as an initiative by the PNG Ports Management to attracting, retaining and motivating staff in its endeavors to improving and maintaining staff performance levels.

Creative Designer, Michael Rengis, who has worked five years with PNG Ports, thanked the company for the benefit.

“After working with other organisations, owning a home has always been a dream, but now it will become a reality,” Mr Rengis said.

He said saving up for the equity for a loan was perhaps the hardest step to owning a home, and thanked PNG Ports for providing this.

“Owning a house will be a big benefit to me and my family and I commend PNG Ports for the opportunity.  I look forward to continue working for PNG Ports and to give my best at work because we are fortunate to benefit from this Scheme,” he said.

PNG Ports gives POM Hospital early Christmas present

Laying on a sick bed may not be merry during Christmas, but joy bells sounded as PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) gave the Port Moresby General Hospital an early Christmas present.

The gift, in the form of an Ultrasound Scanner worth almost K150,000.00 will benefit thousands of ordinary Papua New Guineans with heart problems.

The scanner, a multipurpose device to be used for emergency cardiac scanning, can perform cardiac (heart), lungs, abdomen, major arteries and veins, liver and gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, urinary bladder and uterus (females) scans.

It will complement the dated scanner currently being used at the nation’s main referral hospital.

“Human life is priceless and PNG Ports stands ready as a corporate citizen with a greater purpose to help our people,” said PNGPCL acting Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse.

PMGH specialist emergency physician, Dr Bobby Wellsh and PMGH consultant physician and cardiologist, Dr Leslie Kawa, who received the gift on behalf of the hospital, said it was a timely gift to the people of PNG.

The doctors, who see up to 25 patients daily who require the use of the scanner, said they had ‘personally struggled’ to get their jobs done but sadly, lives of few patients had been lost.

“With the scanner, lives will be saved because decisions for patients can now be made at the point of care, the bedside,” said Dr Wellsh.

PNGPCL Board Chairman, Nathaniel Poya, said the shortage of medical professionals combined with the deteriorating facilities and lack of equipment was a major issue faced by government run health facilities.

 “Lives have been lost and people continue to suffer from health problems that can be treated when given the correct medical attention,” he said.

“PNG Ports is happy to help because we are contributing towards the strengthening of the Government’s vision of developing the health sector as per policy guidelines.”

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