Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture signs MOA with PNG Ports

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV), in relation to a potential site at Lae for a land/water interface to dewater and stockpile concentrate from its proposed Wafi-Golpu project in Morobe Province for easy shipment to overseas markets.

In a MOA signed last week during the PNG Mining & Petroleum Conference, PNG Ports granted WGJV the exclusive right to deal with PNG Ports in relation to the potential site, and to access the site to conduct further studies regarding the site’s suitability as a port facility.

“PNG Ports recognises the importance of the Wafi-Golpu project in the context of PNG’s economic growth and acknowledges that the provision of land and water interface is a critical component of the Wafi-Golpu Project value chain,” said PNG Ports Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse.

“PNG Ports is happy to provide this critical component in the construction and operations of the Wafi-Golpu project going forward.  Such arrangements will go toward supporting PNG Ports’ strategy of developing the K300 million Huon Industrial Park in Lae,” he said.

PNG Ports has invested over K300 million into the 400ha Industrial Park located at the western end of Portion 508.

Expected to be completed by the end of 2018, the Industrial Park addresses some of the key impediments to economic growth and places Lae, the nation’s industrial hub, in a strong position for future growth.

The Industrial Park intends to service both dry and wet bulk trade and will comprise of warehouses suitable for heavy and light industries, commercial and small warehousing, hardstand for container and equipment storage, fuel, oil and gas tank farms, power generation, sewerage and effluent treatment.

There are also long term plans to build accommodation, recreation areas, firefighting and chemical containment facilities, hospital/clinic, church, counselling, and security and police facilities to service industry located with the Industrial Park.

Graduates pledge to give best to PNG Ports

Last year, six fresh University graduates walked through the corridors of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) with a mixture of feelings; nervousness, excitement and joy.

Eighteen months on, they looked bolder, having a different version of feelings, equipped with job skills and training, it was a feeling of satisfaction and completeness.

The six graduated recently from the PNG Ports Graduate Development Program (GDP) after undergoing 18 months of vigorous hands-on work experience.

Adding on to their excitement, they were also confirmed to take up permanent employment with PNG Ports.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, Leon Soka, thanked the PNG Ports management for having confidence in them to take part in the highly competitive program.

“We (graduates) came in with nothing, no job experiences, we were novices except our theoretical knowledge and concepts that we gained from university studies,” Mr Soka said.

“Despite that, you had confidence and trust in us and showed us the path to professional career development.  PNG ports not only taught us the know-hows of our career pathways but further helped us to know what’s within us, our potentials.”

“From this experience, we are proud to be part of the GDP that will serve as an important succession planning tool for PNG Ports going forward and will always give our best,” he said.

Managing Director, Stanley Alphonse, congratulated the graduates on their appointments and urged them to work together to contribute to the growth and development of PNG Ports.

The GDP was established to assist graduates to be developed as future managers and professional career employees with PNG Ports.

For more information on our GDP, visit our website www.pngports.com.pg

PNG Ports asks graduates to be ethical, practical

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has challenged its graduates to be ethical, practical and perform to lift standards.

During the recent graduation of last year’s six intakes under the PNG Ports Graduate Development Program (GDP), the graduates, who will now work with PNG Ports after completing 18 months of the Program, were told to be different in order to make a difference.

Managing Director of PNG Ports, Mr Stanley Alphonse told the graduates to have an open perspective of things and be willing to learn and be critical.

“Be open minded, maintain work ethics and lift your game at work. Try to bring in the difference that PNG Ports seeks,” he said.

“PNG Ports employs the best and the onus is now on you (graduates) to follow standards but do better to lift these standards as PNG Ports is a company that has been achieving milestones.”

“It is encouraging that we have employed young people of your caliber and with the future in mind, it is now your turn to make your mark for the company,” he added.

The GDP, run by the Human Capital Department, is part of the company’s mordernisation drive to recruit fresh graduates who will make up a younger generation of staff who will be trained for 18 months to lead and drive the organization into the future.

Mr Alphonse commended the successful running of the program as many staff members who came through the GDP were currently high performers.

The GDP was established to assist graduates to be developed as future managers and professional career employees with PNG Ports.

For more information on our GDP, visit our website www.pngports.com.pg

GDP recruit thanks PNG Ports for lifeline program

PNG Ports Corporation Limited’s (PNG Ports) graduate development program (GDP) is and will certainly be a lifeline for the organisation.

Leon Soka, a participant who was recruited for the 2016-2017 program, said “it is our conviction (belief) that the PNG Ports GDP is and will certainly be a lifeline of PNG Ports that will serve as an important succession planning tool for the organisation going forward.”

“And not only is PNG Ports contributing toward its staff capacity building through its GDP. The investment in the GDP is also serving the common national development goals of human resource development which is also a milestone of PNG Ports as a corporate entity,” Mr. Soka said these when making a short speech on behalf of five (5) other colleagues during a small graduation ceremony at the PNG Ports Head Office.

Mr. Soka thanked the Board and Management of PNG Ports for the trust and confidence that the management had in them during the recruitment process.

He and his colleagues namely Frank Timothy, Gareth Daingo, Theobel Amoba, Wizinga Gamorika (Operations at the Motukea Port) and Joshua Joseph (Infrastructure Division) and Leon Soka himself (Human Capital  Department) successfully completed the 18 months GDP in October this year and were presented Certificates in their respective roles and careers.

Eighteen (18) months ago, on 11th of April 2016, when Leon and his other five (5) participants first walked through the corridors of PNG Ports, the atmosphere surrounding their movements were ionised with excitement and joy with a mixture of nervous feelings. Mr. Soka spoke of his experience back then.

They were so eager to know about the new challenges they would face and as much as possible be a part of PNG Ports whose story is as old as the history of the country, Papua New Guinea, and it was indeed an honour and a privilege for them to be part of this renowned organisation.

“We are grateful and we will always treasure what this great organisation has done for us as long as the sea waves of the Pacific Ocean continue to knock on the jetties and wharves in all the 15 ports throughout the country,” Mr. Soka said.

He said that at the time of their recruitment, they knew for sure that there were so many graduates from all other universities in the country who had also applied for the PNG Ports GDP, considering PNG Ports as an employer of choice.

“But we also believe it was not by chance that graduates are selected, rather it was because of the reason behind the ultimate business aspirations of this renowned organisation that graduates are selected accordingly, for everything in this world happens for a reason.”

“PNG Ports not only taught us the know-hows of our career pathways, but further helped us to know what’s within us, our potentials, etc.”

“You have provided us with the necessary tools and facilities, and taught us the art of how to use what we had in us; our knowledge and aptitudes, and most importantly the necessary job skills that we have learnt during our GDP tenure,” Mr. Soka said.

Such a feeling would not have been possible without the time and mentorship of the hard working staff especially the respective Team Leaders and Managers of “our” respective Divisions.

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