PNG Ports kick start Manam relief operations


The Manan Relief Operations in the volcano devastated Madang Province, literally kicked off on Friday (July 19), thanks to the timely assistance provided by PNG Ports Corporation Limited.

Relief supplies bound for the disaster stricken area where over 30,000 people are at care centres were stuck at the Madang Port, while PNG Defence Force personal who moved into the province to assist locals carry out the relief operations waited for much needed funds to be released by the Government.

On Friday PNG Ports Acting Managing Director, Fego Kiniafa gave instructions to his staff in Madang Port to use every available resources to off load the supplies stuck on a PNGDF boat that berthed at the Madang Port.

“We are moving the stuff out of the boat now. It’s all going good, thank you PNG Ports,” head of PNGDF team assisting the relief operations, Major Joshua Dorpar confirmed later that Friday evening.

Mr Kiniafa heard about the plight of the PNGDF when Major Dorpar sought help from PNG Ports to remove the supplies from the vessel. He was in Madang with the Chairman of the PNG Ports board, Sir Nathaniel Poya to deliver the company’s donation towards the cost of the relief operations for the victims of the recent volcanic eruption.

“We are still waiting for the funds that were committed by the government to reach our account. The previous government promised us K3 million and the current government promised us K5 million. Those funds have not be released so our relief and restoration work has not started,” Governor Peter Yama told the PNG Ports team.

“I whole heartedly thank PNG Ports for this donation which is literally kick starting our relief and restoration exercise for the Manam victims. Our PNGDF team is already on the ground, our local staff are ready so we will start rolling out the program into the care centres and affected villages.

Undertaking an exercise of this magnitude cost huge sums of money, however we have to do what we can because our people are badly affected,” Mr Yama said.

The Governor further directed his Provincial Administrator Mr Joseph Kunda Bonomane to ensure that an acquittal report is produced for PNG Ports after the funds have been expended.

Speaking on behalf of PNG Ports, Sir Nathaniel reiterated that the company was state owned, meaning that the people of PNG owned the business.

“We are only custodian. As a state owned entity, we pay dividends but further to that, we also provide assistance to our people when they are in need.

“We provided K100, 000 to the West New Britain Disaster Committee to help in the relief and restoration program. Their Governor James Maneke picked up the cheque from us last week. We are here in Madang to present another cheque of the same value to you, Governor, to receive on behalf of your people,” Sir Nathaniel informed Governor Yama.

Mr Kiniafa assured Mr Yama and Mr Bonomane that PNG Ports will continue to assist the relief and restoration program through its Madang port with regards to movement of personal and supplies for the care centres and the victims.

PNG Ports donates K100,000 to volcano disaster victims in WNBP


PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) has donated K100,000.00 to assist the West New Britain Provincial (WNBP) Government to re-open schools, aid posts and health centres in the volcano disaster area.


In thanking the Board and Management of PNG Ports, the newly elected Governor of WNBP, Hon. Francis Maneke, during a cheque presentation ceremony on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 in Port Moresby, said the funds will be used to assist re-open the schools, aid posts and health centres so that students will go back to school sooner and people can have access to clean water and medicine when they are resettled back to their villages.


Mr. Maneke commended PNG Ports for the special recognition and support and praised the company on its successful business management, operations and continued growth in PNG and WNBP also.


The donation was recommended by the PNG Ports executive management and approved by the Board of Directors in their recent meeting.


PNG Ports management made this decision to reach out to the volcano disaster victims in WNBP after the recent Mt. Ulawun volcanic eruption were thousands of people have been displaced and in need of proper food, water and medicine supplies.


Acting Managing Director of PNG Ports, Mr. Fego Kiniafa said “as a Good Corporate Citizen of PNG, and specifically WNBP, and as part of PNG Ports’ Community Service Obligations to the people of PNG were our ports are located, a donation to the sum of K100,000.00 was recommended to the Board for approval to assist the volcano affected citizens of PNG.”


“PNG Ports is seen as a leading Corporate Organisation in PNG and a Good Corporate Citizen and under its internal policy for Community Service Obligations is reaching out to the PNG citizens in times of disasters,” Mr. Kiniafa stressed.


He said this was also in response to the Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments, Hon. Sasindran Muthuvel’s appeal (The National newspaper, 02.07.19) to all corporate companies in WNBP to treat the situation as an emergency and assist in any way possible.


Minister Muthuvel said in The National newspaper dated Tuesday, July 2, 2019, page 6, that 10,675 people in WNBP were displaced at last count and people were struggling without proper food.


Mt. Ulawun volcano in WNBP erupted at 6am in the morning of Wednesday, June 26, 2019. The eruption has since ceased after 24 hours, however, it has forced the displacement of over 10,000 people due to the eruption.

Mother of 6 gains port security diploma in Israel


Her journey in education and life started in 1979 as a primary school student in Western Highlands Province (WHP) and recently in 2019 she achieved a Diploma in Maritime and Port Security at the Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) in Israel.

Originally a trained primary school teacher, Mrs Nellie Konga, age 45, is from a mix parentage of WHP (father Philip Lai) and Enga Province (mother Cecilia Lai) and is currently the team leader-security administration with PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports). She has been with the security department for the past three (3) years.

She lost her husband, late Mr. John F. Konga in a tragic accident in 2013 and has been looking after their six children while progressing in her respective careers as a trainer and as a maritime port security professional.

Some of her children are now adults namely Athenesius (28 yrs), Adrian (25 yrs), Annatascia (21 yrs), Alexander (19 yrs), and Felicianna (17 yrs) with the only youngest Alistair four years old but despite the challenges of a mother and without the support of her husband, Nellie continues to strive for excellence.

Nellie started school at Mt. Hagen primary school in 1979 and finished in 1984, she then attended Notre Dame high school from 1985 to 1988 and then achieved a certificate in primary education after attending Holy Trinity teacher’s college from 1989 to 1990 followed by a diploma in primary education also at Holy Trinity teacher’s college in the year 2005.

She also completed various authorised training courses and was certified by the National Training Council as a trainer at security company, G4S.

Nellie joined PNG Ports from G4S where she was working as a senior compliance and training instructor with office manageress as an additional role.

While the security role at PNG Ports does not require any physical appearance; her role is very challenging in that she and her male colleagues have to ensure all ports under the management of PNG Ports must be compliant with the International Shipping and Port Security (ISPS) code under the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

“I develop and implement work programs, coordinate ISPS schedule for all ports, carry out security investigation when security issues arise according to company guidelines, ensure all periodical and incidental reports are accurate and submitted on time and do monitoring as well.”

“I assist with identifying and developing strategies to safe guard the business interests of the company,” Mrs Konga said.

She said working for PNG Ports is exciting but working in a male dominated area is very challenging as masculinity often define security according to physical strength and categorise women to be fragile and defenceless.

However, the term security at PNG Ports is greater in definitions than ordinary day to day security.

“Security at PNG Ports is mostly run by the port bible (ISPS Code) and it does not require one with physical strength to carryout security roles.”

“Rather it’s about how well one can identify security threats, intensify vulnerable areas of security, think strategically and coordinate security in accordance with the ISPS Code and can prevent, deter and defend security hazards,” Mrs Konga said.

“I am thankful to the former Security Manager, Mr. Titus Edoni, who helped me settle in well at PNG Ports when I first joined in 2016. He was kind of my role model providing constant guidance and support which was a great learning experience for me as I took on my new role within the Security Department,” she said.

After learning of the maritime and port security training program from a colleague at Motukea port this year, Nellie submitted her application with the hope of securing a fully sponsored space and was lucky to be awarded the sponsorship by the IMO.

Nellie wishes to continue to work as a team for the effectiveness and perfection for the betterment of PNG Ports with her latest training and to provide assistance and cooperation when needed and be able to impart the knowledge and skill that she possesses.

The maritime and port security training which was held from the 25th of June to the 8th of July, 2019 will help her in her role and she can help to improve maritime and port security operations with management support to accomplish her plans.

Mrs Konga said ports are significant in boosting a country’s economy and security and safety of the vessels, cargoes and people involved in the port is paramount in this aspect. Therefore, the training was focused on maritime security both on shore and off shore.

She said the program was taught for the purpose of getting information for preventing different security threats and in order to identify security risks but all in accordance to the ISPS Code.

Nellie should now be able to do effective port facility security assessments (PFSA) and port facility security plans (PFSP) which are the vital part of ports existence.

“We cannot cut and paste PFSA and PFSP because it had existed before thus, port has to be strategically assessed every time there is a change and the security threats and vulnerable areas have to be intensively identified and analysed to suit the environment.”

“It (training) is beneficial to me because I am part of the team that would increase capacity for innovative planning, implementing policies in response to maritime and port security and would use tactical skills to do the PFSA and PFSP,” Mrs Konga said.

“The program was very intensive but facilitated by university professors in maritime, lecturers from Israel Maritime College and a psychologist who studies terrorism.”

“The course also provided opportunity for us to visit the two biggest ports of Israel Ashdod and Haifa to see access control to and from the ports, how containers are stored, how the port was built, how security is monitored and the kind of security equipment used to detect security threats,” she said.

The program was supported by IMO who sponsored 29 successful women applicants throughout the third world countries.

This sponsorship coincided with the 2019 World Maritime Day theme of ‘Empowering Women in Maritime Communities’.

Eight men also attended the course under self-sponsorship from their various companies due to the importance of the program.

The GIMI was established in 1987, focusing on delivering intensive short courses which are internationally recognised to up-skill people from various fields of professions.

“My advice to the female students out there is that maritime and port security is definitely challenging but with self-perseverance one can achieve more and excel with positivity. Nothing is too bad or too difficult so have no limits; only sky is the limit,” Mrs Konga said.

Nellie is thankful to her family and PNG Ports for all the support and will put to good use what she has learnt from her training.


Article By FRANK ASAELI – PNG Ports Senior Public Relations Officer


Future leaders gain certificates in leadership & management


Nine staff from PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports), together with 11 others from National Airports Corporation and PNG Weather Office have graduated with certificates in leadership and management on Friday, July 26, 2019 in Port Moresby.

These future leaders underwent weeks of intensive training as part of the company’s aim to develop the middle management team in order to enable them to take on greater responsibilities.

PNG Ports believe that effective training and development through coordinated staff development mechanisms is crucial for effective and efficient service delivery to clients and stakeholders per the increasing demands of transport services in the country.

In thanking the Department of Transport (DOT) for its partnership and providing the Australian government funded training via IEA College of TAFE, Manager-Human Capital of PNG Ports, Mr. Rex Kini said the aim was to provide training and development opportunities for key employees which are related to their present role and future needs of the company.

Mr. Kini said in efforts to prepare prospective employees for future leadership and management roles within PNG Ports and the transport sector, PNG Ports through the DOT had agreed to venture into a fully funded agency support arrangement training program of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

PNG Ports as such secured and nominated a total of nine employees for placement in its training bid proposal, three of whom were from the outer ports namely Samuel Ahi (Madang port), Frank Weskina (Lae port) and Kennedy Yambu (Alotau port). Head office staff included Messrs Petra Sipiau, Eunice Kot, Scholastica Masueng, Helen Nanumea, and Ailan Kase and Ronald Kelly of Motukea port.

Acting Managing Director of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports), Mr. Fego Kiniafa congratulated all the 20 graduates during the presentation of the certificates.

“You never stop learning, I am still learning, I have been warming the seat for the MD for PNG Ports for the last five months and I am still learning in terms of leadership and management,” Mr. Kiniafa said.

“Management for me is about overseeing the management rules, regulations, complying with laws and policies and procedures.”

“The critical part is leadership. Leadership is all about the vision, about the future, about direction, take it with Godly influence in your vision or how you drive the responsibilities in your respective fields. If you have the wisdom of God as your counterpart in providing the leadership you will not go wrong,” he said.

“Thank you! Papua New Guinea – Australia Transport Sector Partnership, Department of Transport, IEA College of TAFE and PNG Ports for giving us this continuous learning opportunity to enhance our leadership and management skills,” PNG Ports Team Leader-ICT Support Systems and graduand, Mrs Helen Nanumea said.

She said the training re-emphasised practices and approaches they have been doing well in and exposed areas where they were doing little or none at all.

“On continuous improvement, we don’t stop learning. As team leaders or managers in our respective roles, we have been equipped with skills on how to encourage and support individuals in our teams to actively participate and contribute to decision making processes, take responsibility and take initiative,” Mrs Nanumea said.

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