PNG Ports celebrates 600th LNG shipment

 600th LNG Shipment600th LNG Shipment

As the 600th shipment of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) left PNG shores, PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) had a much greater reason to smile.

Managing Director of PNG Ports, Mr. Fego Kiniafa said this shipment, which left last week, marked PNG Ports’ successful berthing and piloting of 600 LNG tankers so far.

“We are pleased to announce that since the first LNG shipment bound for Japan in May 2014, PNG Ports has safely, competently and efficiently provided pilotage services for all 600 shipments.”

“There had been nil accidents, spillages, delays and no breaches of agreement. We delivered and are looking forward to many more shipments,” said Mr. Kiniafa.

Mr. Kiniafa praised the PNG Ports Pilotage team and especially the highly trained and skilled marine pilots who ‘tirelessly and effectively’ delivered, to ensure the ships were berthed alongside the LNG jetty at Caution Bay, and left, bound for the international market, on time and schedule.

The US$19 billion PNGLNG project contracted PNG Ports to provide pilotage services.  The project started production in April 2014 and its first shipment left the country on May 25 and completed discharging in Japan on June 4, 2014.

Piloting the first shipment, on board the ‘Spirit of Hela, was PNG Ports’ Senior Marine Pilot, Captain Morea Vavine.

The ‘Spirit of Hela’ is almost 300 meters long, the equivalent of three rugby league fields and stands12 stories high.

The PNG Ports Pilotage Services Team, is responsible for providing Marine Piloting services for the declared pilotage areas in the country, and has been providing this service safely and efficiently for over 50-years.

Marine Piloting is mandatory and promotes maritime safety and avoidance of the loss of life and damage to ships, port infrastructure, the marine environment and local community property.

Piloting Service is provided by PNG Ports in all 15 operational ports. The 6 major ports of Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Alotau, Rabaul and Kimbe are mandated as Compulsory Pilotage Ports.

PNG Ports Corporation Limited to add two new boats to its pilotage fleet

PNG Ports adds new boats


PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNGPCL) signed a contract to custom build two (2) new Pilot Boats with Norman R. Wright & Sons of Brisbane, Australia, who have been designing and building high quality commercial and pleasure boats, from ferry’s to superyachts, since 1909.

“I am very pleased with the Board's acceptance of managements recommendation of Norman R. Wright & Sons” advised the PNG Ports Chairman, Mr. Kepas Wali, “it is a testament to the quality, that there are still Pilot Boats in operation, which were built by this company in 1993. This is some 27 years ago and that after 3 generations, there are still Wright family members involved in the operation of the company which provides me with a lot of comfort and confidence”

The contract was signed by Mr. Tony Riek, Managing Director of Norman R. Wright & Sons and Mr. Kepas Wali, Chairman of PNGPCL on Tuesday 25th February at the PNGPCL Head office in Port Moresby. The signing was the culmination of a lengthy tender process undertaken, including ensuring that the design specifications met the technical standards of ExxonMobil a major client, and evaluation of ten (10) proposals by PNGPCL pilotage, commercial and operations teams received from potential suppliers in Australia, China and Singapore. Norman R. Wright was selected once quality, cost, reputation and proven ability to build state of the art Pilot Boats were accessed.

“PNG Ports Corporation Limited as the premier Pilotage provider in PNG, currently operates a fleet of 15 Pilot Boats nationwide and is able to offer nationwide 24/7 coverage to its valued clients, “this is something competing companies simply strive to match” advised Mr. Wali. “We are at the forefront of this industry, through the adoption of state of the art technology, and we intend to stay at the forefront, with this investment in new Pilot Boats well into the foreseeable future”

PNG Ports to monitor and restrict overseas vessels amidst the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) threats

PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) will be implementing stringent measures to curb possibilities of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019 nCoV) entering the country through the sea ports.

PNG Ports, will be assisting NAQIA, Customs, shipping lines and Health Department officials, to monitor and restrict the movement of vessels, passengers and cargoes, as international vessels enter the declared port limits. 

Managing Director of PNG Ports, Mr. Fego Kiniafa, through a directive issued last week, said the safety measures were crucial as the ports were a point of entry with majority of the vessels arriving from the Asia region. 


The six-point directive to be applied at all ports immediately stated:

  1. All overseas vessels entering our ports (or any other port within the country) will be required to proceed to anchorage and will be cleared by port health officials there prior to pilot boarding. After the vessel is cleared by port health officials, pilots can board to bring the vessel alongside to berth.
  2. Where the vessel’s master requires pilot assistance to manoeuvre to anchorage, the pilot will proceed out with health quarantine officials to make the movement to anchorage.
  3. In both and all scenarios, pilot must be wearing minimum protective (PPE) equipment such as surgical mask, gloves and safety glasses.
  4. For port to port movements (e.g. 1stport POM, 2nd port Alotau etc.), although cleared by health quarantine in the first port, the vessel will still need to be cleared by health quarantine officers at anchorage at the 2nd port prior to pilot boarding etc.  This procedure will apply for all the ports in the country the vessel will be calling at and is a measure taken to counter the incubation period of the virus.
  5. All overseas vessels are required to submit pre-arrival documents and National Department of Health screening forms preferably in advance prior to entering the country for assessment by the health quarantine.”
  6. Any other precautionary measures as advised by the National Department of Health.

 “These precautionary measures are to be implemented immediately going forward as part of our efforts to minimise the risk of the deadly 2019 Novel Coronavirus entering PNG,” Mr. Kiniafa said.

 “The NDOH and all stakeholders will also meet weekly for updates at Motukea and a small office space has been allocated to the NDOH/health quarantine personnel for the duration of this exercise until further notice,” he said.

Ports staff get new uniforms to boost customer service


Staff of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) have been given brand new corporate uniforms to improve overall customer services.


Acting Managing Director, Mr. Fego Kiniafa said the uniforms are a great team-building resource for the staff, and they can improve overall customer service as well as brand awareness.


“Staff who wear uniforms with a company’s logo and colours allow the business to become instantly recognisable by local clients or customers,” Mr. Kiniafa said.


The procurement of the uniforms were done locally and distributed to all staff across the network of 15 ports. Male staff received two pairs of navy blue trousers and two long sleeve shirts (sky blue), a belt and neck-tie while female staff received two skirts and two shirts, a belt and a scarf each.


Shoes are not part of the uniform package because of cost cutting measures currently in place by management but staff are expected to provide their own shoes.


“PNG Ports’ brand is one of the company’s most precious assets; the visual representation of a brand is a reflection of a company’s personality and core values.”


“Consistent treatment and usage of the new brand identity set forth in the company’s guidelines will help achieve our goal of raising awareness and building greater brand fairness,” Mr. Kiniafa said.


Generally the issuing of the new uniforms is to create brand awareness, promoting company loyalty and team building, creating a professional brand image, staff protection and eliminating any dress code dilemmas at the work place.


PNG Ports Lae staff





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