Seafarers Centre


The PNGPCL Seafarers Centre is a not for profit organisation operating under the auspice of the Anglican and the Catholic Church. The organisation cares for the spiritual and practical welfare of the merchant seafaring community.

The Seafarers Centre program is a service that progressed in March 2010. It is a Community Engagement Initiative of PNGPCL to assist in caring for the seafarers welfare upon entering PNG Ports owned and operated wharves and ports. The Seafarers Centre involves the churches, external stakeholders, church, PNGPCL volunteers, and is an initiative by the former CEO of PNG Ports Corporation Limited, Mr. Brian Riches.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is an island rich in resources, yet it does not fully utilise its resources and rely heavily on its imports from overseas. Without imports, PNG would starve and nearly all imports come by ship. Sailors look after us but who looks after them is the question? The answer is PNGPCL's seafarers' welfare at PNGPCL port in Port Moresby. The program is a service and PNGPCL will provide all the necessities to ensure that the best hospitality is accorded to the seafarers that visit our ports.

The Seafarers Centre operates under the management of PNGPCL which will in the future oversee the new and improved Seafarers Centre in Lae and further to other declared 15 ports in Papua New Guinea.The Seafarers Centre's Management role, works in conjunction with the Anglican and Catholic Port Chaplain to ensure the Club embraces Christian values and establishes strong ethics and standards of operation.


Definition and Role

The seafarer is a less common word for sailor or more commonly a traveller who travels by sea. Seafarers work on ship (sea moving vessel) which transports both passengers and or cargos from one port to another nationally or internationally.

Port Chaplain

Definition and Role

A member of the clergy who conducts religious service either in church, hospital, prison etc. Represented by the Anglican and Catholic Church, the chaplains' job description here is to visit the seafarers when ships dock at the wharf upon request from the sea men.

Chaplains will be accompanied (if required) by volunteers to visit the ships and the seafarers reaching out to the seafarers.Chaplains are also required to attend to seafarers if they are at the hospital as well to make sure that the seafarer is cared for.


These are made up of young and old people in the community volunteering their time to help the chaplains maintain the centre and make sure that it is operational for the seafarers to use.

The volunteers are required to keep records of the stocks sold and communicate with the marketing department of the daily takings and report of its operations. The volunteers work based on their schedule and roster and provide a report to the corporate communications unit at the end of each week.

Ship Visitation

A primary service offered by the Anglican and Catholic Church is visiting seafarers' onboard ships who do not receive shore leave. This is mainly attended to by the Chaplain of the port only.