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Welcome to PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) Careers@Ports Information Center.

PNG Ports serves as a premier maritime service company in Papua New Guinea. Being an employer of choice and to maintain its status quo, PNG Ports continue to develop its workforce capacity in accordance with the standard of service as required by all its stakeholders. PNG Ports is therefore committed to attracting the highest calibre of professionals who can demonstrate the urge and willingness to make a difference, not only to the organisation but the country as a whole. PNG Ports provides a positive work environment and rewards employees who contribute meaningfully to business success. To meet current growth and business demands, PNG Ports ensures that suitably qualified professionals are employed.

Accordingly, PNG Ports recruits people with the required set of knowledge, skills and attributes with the view to achieve the set business goals as well as the development demands and expectations of its stakeholders, being the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea.

The key staff development programmes for PNG Ports include, but not limited to, Maritime Cadetship Program and Graduate Development Program.

PNG Ports needs people who are willing and able to work in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding, all with the view to achieve the established business goals and objectives and/or Corporate Strategy. Interested persons must be:

• Career minded
• Self-motivated
• Proactive and show initiative
• Able to be proactive and show initiative
• Task oriented
• Capable of showing leadership
• Able to communicate and relate to others in a team environment
• Able to learn the technical skills required for the position

PNG Ports advertises vacant positions on this website as well as on other recognised media platforms when they are available.

PNG Ports welcomes anyone, irrespective of age, race, and/or social status, who are interested and wish to venture into an exciting career in the maritime and transport industry to apply, as and when job opportunities arise.

Below are some of our career development programs that may become available on this website and other media platforms as and when business circumstances permit

Graduate Development Program

PNG Ports Graduate Development Program (GDP) is implemented on bi-annual basis as part of the company’s workforce planning interventions, aimed at: recruiting, developing, and maintaining relevant university graduates, particularly those Papua New Guinean citizens who lacks sufficient work experiences, from recognized tertiary institutions both in Papua New Guinea and Overseas. The fundamental objective for the GDP is to train and develop future managers and leaders of the organization. The GDP is an eighteen (18) month long intensive professional development program that encompasses training and skills development avenues, mentorship by successful national and non-national professionals, with possible permanent employment after the successful completion of the program.

Graduates engaged under the GDP will go through a process of formal induction, training, and job rotations. Job placement after the program is subject to graduates’ performance during the GDP tenure and the business needs of the organization.

PNG Ports Graduate Development Program is committed to;

• Building its human resource capacity in order to keep pace with social, economic, and technological changes.
• Provide employment opportunity to fresh graduates.
• Help student develop professionally in their respective careers
• Contribute to human resource development in PNG


Eligibility Criteria

Graduates eligible to participate under the GDP must:

• Be between the ages of 18 and 25 years,
• Be citizens of PNG,
• Have completed a degree program within the last two years and/or in final year and are eligible to graduate at a recognized tertiary institution within PNG or Overseas,
• Be employed in other organizations with a degree from a recognized tertiary institution, but under casual or internship arrangement,
• Have excellent academic results,
• Have not been convicted of any summary or criminal offence,
• Have clean disciplinary records,
• Have good character reference and/or required attitude with high moral standards.
• Have sound learning attitude and ability


The GDP provides employment and professional development opportunities for graduates who have studied in, but not limited, to the following disciplines:

• Business Management, Economics and Commerce;
• Building, Drafting & Civil Engineering;
• Accounting;
• Media & Communications;
• Human Resources;
• Social Studies

If you are keen on joining our team, please look out for adverts on this website or contact us on Telephone Number 675 308 4200 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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